2012 – Vidlin

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Stuart’s Photos below

Left hand badge – This years rally badge for the
Pearl Anniversary. I believe there was a second meaning to the badge but I never
worked it out (answers on a postcard to..)

The right hand badge was for the four rallyists
who have done every Dim – more later on the special presentation to the four
victims oops rally goers! See
last photo below.

The Rally

By far the biggest Dim ever with some 520 ish participants. Was
it too busy? I can’t say but in some ways I thought it would have been a lot
more packed in the marquee. Seeing the bikes come off the boat on the Thursday
morning was just amazing – they just never seemed to stop. Northlink must be
commended on doing a good job loading the machines (even with my personal gripe
with them on the return trip but that’s by the by). The site of 4 lanes
filled bow to stern with bikes was incredible. Coming over the brae (hill
for Soothmoothers) on the Thursday morning and seeing this site below was
incredible!! The field was packed but we all squeezed in – although some did use
the left hand overflow field.

There is something about this photo I cannot describe – I just love looking at it but it doesn’t look like Shetland – possibly the presence of trees now on the right!

The main commendation must go to the rally committee. I am sure  I reflect all the rally goers thoughts by thanking them for their tireless efforts and ability to carry on dealing with the throng even though most of them were half pissed (the committee that is)! I could not work out how they dealt with all the mouths to feed – well done but you need some of Lowries Egg and bacon pies for the Saturday – I just love them! I think the ZMCC also lent a big helping hand this year – good on them.

Well done also to the Mid Brae Inn girlies who kept us fed in the morning and late night.

It never ceases to amaze me about the Dim how many entertaining, ingenious, nutters live in Shetland. Would the Dim be the same without them?
NEVER! Well done – all of you. How some people do what they do with simple foodstuffs and annually leave me in tears is mindnumbing!

I am sure that the amount of stuff that was bought from the shop will pay for John H’s new house!! My son Jamie’s purchasing of thousands of exploding cap things will have paid for at least one room but where did he get all that money from?

Incredible amounts of booze drunk and Sonny’s beer went down well as usual. The SDR30 special beer at 6.1% was rather nice but I kept off it to try and stay upright as long as possible.

One thing that really caught my eye was the amount of rubbish (bruck) generated over the weekend. Just mindboggling!

The Jarl squads on the Friday night were impressive as usual. A load of Pseudo Vikings singing a reggae tune was unforgettable – just wish I had video’d this. Luckily someone else did –
Reggae Vikings

The music was on the whole very good with a good mix of bands. I must mention the Saturday night highlight band
Bombskare. Being a lover of Ska music I though the were incredible, professional, very tight act and boy did they get
the marquee bouncing. I have never danced so much and my legs took days to recover. I think in my 30 years at the Dim they have been my favourite although some of the blues bands in the early years were pretty damn good. No doubt there
were people that didn’t like them but you can’t ………..etc, etc.

Great to see Stanley Hughson and Vaila Knight back at the Dim after many years down under in Oz and New Zealand respectively. Shame John Hughson never appeared but maybe he was away back to Oz.

Any gripes this year?? Apart from the shitty sunday morning weather not really. Still miss the disco in the hall though.

Will I be back for No 31? More than likely – only 20 to go to the gold badge in 2032………….

I have now come up with a new description for how we all feel after the Dim – SHETLAG! Took the usual 4 days to start feeling back to normal.

Some photo’s

Amanda tackling, and obviously enjoying, the Boot Party

Some attendees looking interested in various things!

Roddy Lovie, Stuart Fraser, Jimmy Johnson & Stuart Tod

Not the comfiest place to fall asleep

The Morphs!!! Guess which one had the typical rally figure?

This years guess the body part owner?

<![if !vml]><![endif]>Steven Elf and Tracey Laurenson

Jamie the terrible!

There’s always someone who wants to sneak into a photo!
Isn’t there Graham????

(And yes we can see you Christina!)

The Jamieson B