2011 RALLY – Number 29

This years badge:

Something to do with a comment made in last years Web Page.  At least they spelled the Tod part right (just in time)!

Probably one of the best Dim’s for a lot of years, not even saying the last ones have been bad as they have been excellent. I think the weather made it this year apart from the crappy Thursday. Friday was dry and what a beautiful night (see photo’s). Saturday was dry, sunny, warm and a cracker of a day. Lots of pink folk after this.

This was the first year the family went since 2005 and Jamie loved it!  Louise’s first Dim (youngest rallyist) and Joanne’s 5th! Book us all in for 2012 please.

No sign of the film crew with Paul Merton that may have turned up but the Dim did feature on STV news again.

Any gripes about this years rally…….. NO!  Any good points….well… just ask virtually everyone that was there for their opinions?  Only bad point was some mindless victimisation against one motorcyclist that attended (burnt flag and other less pleasant stuff). If anyone knows who did this let the committee know (via me if needs be).

New bar layout seemed to work okay and Sonny’s beer gets better every year!

As always thanks to the committee for a great do.

Roll on the 30th!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Video Links

Joanne’s films from her Flip that are on YouTube

Me on the Cement Mixer

Charlie Lamb on the Cement Mixer – boring video

Charlie Lamb on the cement mixer – more action here!

Amy Cheyne on the Cement mixer

Leila Bingham on the Cement Mixer


Laurel Sinclairs ‘Pussycat Song’!

The pictures of mine that I thought should be included.  There are loads more great piccies on Facebook in the Simmer Dim Group.

THE SUZUKA!!  An interesting modification

Jamie, Tony, Andy and Jock

“Your Dim Needs You”!

Some friendly types

This Years Guess The Body Part – Horrible aint it?

NOW! That is what I call a hip flask!!

Richard, Danny and Rafe

As previous years – DON’T FALL ASLEEP AT THE DIM!

Jamie trying out John Hier’s BMW (I did like the electric screen)

29 years times 2!  (Louise’s body warmer didn’t quite fit Steve!)

One of the excellent bands. I think this was the Revellers Scaldin Bragg (thanks Ryan)

Never Knew Guzzi made a 4WD

Youngest and oldest Ralliests – Louise Tod (4) & Terry Scholes (79)

Charlie Lamb on the Cement mixer

Stewart Fraser(29 years) off the Cement Mixer

The Jarl Squad and various ralliests

Nigel Lupton (wonder if he’s been drinking Red Bull)?

Me just off the cement mixer! Even with lemonade it was ….er….fun!!

Nigel Lupton and Danny Scott pair up but it proved too much for the seat.

How many folk can you get in half a Ka and half a Suzuki 50?

I think they got around 47 in the car part alone!

Cleek and Jamie in the bungie web thingy

Rachelle Stephen getting shorn for charity                               And After

I believe £500ish was raised for a cancer charity – Well Done

Amazing what you can do with a few pork scratchings and cream cheese!

Jimmy Johnson modelling the latest nibbles

Nibbles being eaten off Michael by Niggly. Mind you it was a bit more civilised

than the cockles up the nose trick?????? Unfortunately my piccy of Bayview

spraying Davy J’s face with nachos didn’t come out – that was funny!

Not a great Harley fan but this was very very nice.

Early morning sky over the marquee

AND (courtesy of Aimee Sutherland)

Early Saturday Morning – this was just a stunning night.