28th SIMMER DIM RALLY – 2010

The 28th rally was probably the best attended rally of all. Lots of new faces and some old ones that had not been there for a year or 10 or 20+. I have never seen so many bikes etc on the boat back – well done Northlink! Weather was windy and cold but dry(ish). Beer ran out saturday night and the hall was shut to drink after 1am though this was not the organisers fault!  Hopefully 2011 rally and the licensing board will sort out some kind of happy compromise. The disco in the marquee (in my opinion) was NOT a good idea – not getting to sleep until 6am on Sunday morning, when the disco went off was a bit annoying. See the 2011 badge for the outcome to this last comment!!!!!

I must thank the committee for the great job done and also to the Wifies from Mid Brae Inn who must be so knackered by the Sunday lunchtime.

The 2010 badge which, allegedly, feature a Mr Bryden Williamson exiting through the roof of his tent in 2009


Note that lots of individuals have put their photos onto Facebook and varicose other sites so there is a good selection out there. It’s also good to see others views of the rally

Santa and some of his little helpers

Guess the Cosmic boobies?

Davy J and possible long lost relative!!  

Did I eat that????

More long lost relatives possibly?  Lowry and Brookie

Yo Ho Ho – Green Giant (corny eh?)

After sitting beside Lowry in the Boot Party this poor ralliest had just HAD ENOUGH!

“You’re Fined – Rodney”

If you look closely you can pick oot da sweetcorn!  BayvHuuuuuuuuuugh!

Threatening Skies!

Peerie Mootie! (ask a Shetlander)

Max the Viking

The newly available from IKEA ‘Guizer Drinks Tray’

Niggly and Kempy

Ryan’s brain has finally been spotted!

Some of your friendly ralliests?

Come again!!

Future Boot Party Participant methinks!

Going, going, going and gone!

After attending the first 20 Dim’s James Sinclair decided to come back on his stag do!

The Pics say it all!

Another victim!

Great what you can do with 200 yards of knicker elastic!

Faulty Post-It!

“The Ryan on the bus went twang, twang, twang!

I did like this AJS


The following 3 photographs were taken by Friedrich Manson from Oscar Charlie (Coastguard helicopter) when they overflew the site. I just asked in the passing when Oscar Charlie landed at John O’Groats on the 26th July 2010 and lo and behold the photo’s were kindly sent down to me that evening.

A big thanks to Friedie for these as they are stunning (I can even see myself outside the hall door)!

Any free flights over the site next year gratefully received!