2009 RALLY – No 27

2009 badge  
Last years rally was a wee (peerie) bit wet and we all got Duckin Drookit!!

Incredible attendance at the 2009 rally. Must have been one of the busiest. Weather was changeable but gradually improved towards the weekend.
The crack was good, the food was good (you must try Lowrie’s chicken pies in a roll), the real ale was excellent.
The event was filmed by Eyeline Media from Aberdeen and will be for a BBC ALBA motoring programme (Air an ratha – or something like that). The programme will be on the Gaelic channel sometime late August 2009 I believe so if you have SKY you can get it or also BBC iPlayer. The programme will be subtitled for all of you who cannot speak Gaelic.

Made a few new friends this year and reacquainted myself with others. Just a shame the Lerwick Carnival and Pier Foy were not on the same weekend this year.

Good points: too many to mention
Bad points:  Northlink need to get their booking system into gear. No carnival. Horrendous Ferry Inn prices for sunday afternoon.

Photos – Apologies if I get spelling or names wrong


Very tidy triumph custom


Olly listening to Jock Welch
(okay I know it is Laurel but jock didn’t)!

Wilbert, Aimee, Mousie, Jimmy (Jeemie/Jamie), Marion, Ginge


“Me no like beer”


Nice Hat!!!!!!


Guess the gusset???? Answers on a postcard to………


Marion (right) and her favourite pal!!


Advisable not to fall asleep at the Dim!


Nice Caravan!


Cylinder head gasket replacement in Vidlin bush shelter.
Rumour has it the mechanic is really a vet and was spotted earlier with his hand up the exhaust!


Guy Martin with a tour load of local floosies!

tour 2

Laurel (Olly), Angela and Amy and not forgetting Guy Martin again.  Sumburgh bunnet is ACU/BS approved – honest!


John is really excited isn’t he? Neil was just about to grab John’s leg in a mad panic!

How she gave birth to a fully clothed hairy arsed biker I still am not sure but the head did come out just after this picture was taken!


Davy J on his way doon!

film crew

The Eyeline media film crew filming Dave Diamond’s combo with its fluent Gaelic ballast!


MONKEY called Bonzo!


Real ale empties!!  Yummy!


Raif, Bubbles and Pete on the way home.