No 26

Incredibly well attended rally which was a surpirse after last years big one (see badge!). I would even say there were more there this year.
Weather on the Thursday and Friday was absolute CRAP with many a dome tent flattened – even my Force 10 leaked!! Shame about this but spirits didn’t seem to be dampened too much.
Saturday cleared up for the silly games etc and the carnival in Lerwick at night.The games were good but lacking Bayview who buggered off to Orkney. If you want a laugh go to You Tube and do a search for “Bayview Yodelling”!
Bands were a mix of good and not so good but friday nights Pogues cover band were very good and got the leaky marquee buzzing! Sonny’s Shetland Real Ale went down well also – even Steve Henry’s ‘Try a bit from every tap’ mixture!
Well that’s 26 done now so it’s all go for 50 in 2032!

2008 Rally Badge  Translation for non-Shetland folk:  A small measure of Spirits you think?  2008 the one after the big one

Committee and polis Some of the committee with a polis wummin and blow in the box machine

Custard Bayview topping up for the boot party –
the custard followed Mussels, creamed rice and a tin of sweetcorn!

“Oh No”!  The mussels, rice, sweetcorn and custard are coming back up

pates tent The remains of Colin Pate’s tent following Thursday and Fridays weather!

Outfit  Outfit 2
The amazing outfit! Car engine was in the back driving the two rear wheels

Ngiily & Angela Nigel (Niggly) and Angela

One of the old codgers having a senior moment!!!

Whirly The amazing gyroscope type thingy!
Wonder if it will be rigged up with drink supply for next year?

Shiters machine
The two teams tackling the ‘Shiters Machine Mk2’

bus The loving couple in the front of the bus back!
They just got engaged that night!  Wonder if we will ever have a wedding at the Dim?
Shortly after this we were all gassed by Steve Henry’s bottom

The three Piets or Peits or Peters from Belgium and Steve Henry – guess which ones spoke the best english?????