25th SIMMER DIM RALLY – 2007

This page is dedicated to the memory of Mark Leask, from Lerwick, was lost his life on the way to the rally on the thursday morning.
Mark was only 22 and somehow lost control of his machine just north of the South Nesting junction.
Following a committee meeting and consulatation with the family it was decided to continue with the rally as it is what Mark would have wanted.
A minutes silence was held at the rally on the thursday afternoon and then the festivities started.

WHY?  Well they built a playpark beside the Vidlin Hall where the marquee normally sits

The badge for the people that have done 25 years!
This enamel badge will be available for all future 25 year participants.

This is the solid silver badge for the four that have done every rally without a break.
Only four of these badges have been made at a cost of (I believe) £75 each.  The recipients are:

Myself (Stuart Tod from Caithness) and John Hinckley from Watford plus from on Shetland, Steve Henry and Stuart Fraser.

As this was the 25th Anniversary the rally numbers were increased to around 300 but in the end about 350 or so attended.
Everyone crammed onto the rally field which now housed the usual marquee as well. The format of the rally was the same although there was no barbeque on the thursday night – I believe due to health restrictions!
Sonny Priest from the Valhalla Brewery supplied the real ale again and even brewed a special ‘Super Dim’ ale for the rally!
Some older faces appeared back at the rally and we even had Scott Laurenson and wummin (Yvonne I think?) all the way from New Zealand. Good to see Tom Gray after many years absence.

The bands were excellent and very professional and the disco was very reminiscent of the old days of the Dim.

Silly games involved the new uprated Lighthouse plus variations on the Dizzy stick and, although I didn’t see it, a new tubular drinking machine!

Buses took all that wanted into Lerwick on the saturday evening for the reinstated Carnival. This was excellent and great to see it back on. Only criticism was the buses came back to Vidlin too early. Some wanted to stay in town for the whole evening.

My personal feelings are that last year the rally has got it’s spark back after many years absence. This years rally, even with the tragic start, showed that the old atmosphere has returned and I am sure the rally will continue for many years to come.

Personally I am looking forward to attending the 50th in 2032 when at 73 I will hopefully be still mobile and on two wheels (or 3).

Congratulations and thanks to all the committee for the organisation and the nice silver badge. I even came back with a full book of tickets!

Assorted photo’s from this year

If anyone has a photo of the four 25 year people please give me a shout as I would love a copy to include here.

On the Pier – thursday morning.

The two finalists in the boot party!  Hollow legs or what?
Must mention Brydon Williamson who took part and must be the most consistent Boot Partier over the years.

The result of 25 years at the Simmer Dim – plus a few beers elsewhere.

The young Northmavine Jarl Squad member

Tom Gray appears back at the Dim wearing the same clothes as 1982 to 1987!!!

The David Jamieson Appreciation Society

The new improved Lighthouse AT SPEED!

Dave from not quite but fairly close to Hull  finding it just too much

Alright Dave it’s Goole!!!

The New Zealand contingent.