This years badge was MUCKLE! See photo on 2005 page to get the gist of what it was based on.

2006 badge

Extremely well attended rally this year – why? Who knows but I have a couple of ideas after last year – BEER AND BEER but I am not opinionated in any way on that front.
Mind you the bands were pretty good also and I was very impressed with the young four piece band who’s total age was probably less than mine (no I’m not fu**ing 60)

The friday run was very well attended with about 60 bikes heading up to the rather foggy cliffs. A stop at the new Eshaness cafe saw a lot of Soothmoothers trying Reestit Mutton soup and damn good it was too I couldn’t have made much better myself. After this we went to a local chaps (John Peter Duncan) bike collection for a viewing – some really nice old machines here and not too highly polished as I like to see them. Everyone was greeted with a can of beer – That is Shetland hospitality for you.  My apologies for anyone that followed me on the Norton – it still smokes but it runs better now I found out the electronic ignition box was in the process of packing up.

Saturday was the usual silly games (lots of) with Hom Bru playing again and former Rally Secretary, Mark Manson arrving with the Lerwick Jarl Squad. A very good day and very busy but good crack.

Not sure who got the awards as I only had the tasty paper plate and mash before heading doon the road.

High points: Sonny’s beer again, really good atmosphere this year and numbers up well on last year. Better bands, Hom Bru of course and a well attended run out even though the weather was crappish!
Low points: could have done with a breakfast on sunday morning; Sonny running out of beer; too damn hot on the boat on the way back; Aimee not inserting the catheter to stop my umpteen trips to the loo!

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Well Otto, wasn’t the Steak Pie nice? Smooth Going Doon, Lumpy Coming Up


Davie and your SOBER rally Secretary doing a table top fling – Well Slim and the seated throng thought it was entertaining – Nice one Aimee!


Sonny Priest with his six beers from the Valhalla Brewery (ps if you ever see his other beer RAF SAXA VORD try it as it is damn good)


New Shetland Bike Club – well maybe not but good badge


Affects of the Boot Party


Max, Mark, Ricky, Paul and Gary


Some very very rude people – especially the one on the left! Well he does own a pink bike.


Bayview’s Brother, Bayview’s nephew (I think), Bayview’s Father and the man himself!


The Muckle Sack race

Drink race

Laurel Sinclair and Brother Bayview doing yet another alternative drinking race


Blub on Sunday morning and John
on Sunday evening (sorry John I just had to)


At Eshaness cafe on the friday run (it was foggy and not the Norton’s smoke clearing)