2005 badge

If you can’t see it – it is a Viking Ship head on with two big headlights!!!

Some photo’s of the 2005 bash!  BIG THANKS to Scott Laurenson for a couple of photo’s I have used
2005 RALLYWell we were spoiled with some rather good weather apart from rain in the night but it is fine if it is then! There didn’t seem to be too many folk from off the islands but the atmosphere was pretty good. The main contingent of the Irish were sadly missed but you cannot do everything I suppose – at least I was safe this year!!

The high point of the rally was the appearance of real beer courtesy of Sonny Priest from the Valhalla Brewery in UNST ( Link to Valhalla Brewery).  I didn’t hear any bad reports about this (so far) and it was a pleasure to have drinkable beer rather than canned fizzy stuff. I never had a single hangover at all this year. Good also to see Hom Bru back playing in the marquee on the saturday afternoon.

Silly games were as last year albeit outside. The appearance of the Whalsay Goth’s added a certain something to the saturday afternoon!  As for the mud bath – well you could just see someone was going to end up in this – especially when Bayview is about.

A few of the rally types ended up on the telly as “Where’s Your head At!”  did some filming during the rally.

Thanks to all for a good do.

steve & Jo Soren  & Lowry
Steve Henry and Joanne Tod                                       Soren Nystrom and Laurence Thompson (Lowry)

Whalsay Goths Lighthouse

The Whalsay Goths Hen Party (Bonnie Lasses!!!!)              The Lighthouse (Grown up Kiddies roundabout)


Well There Was Mud About!!

Bus Shelter

Thanks to Scott Laurenson for this one


A treatment for tired eyes – OR
Davy O’Bayview being silly! (again thanks to Scott Laurenson for this)