No 22

The badge for 2004: “DOO DA LIGHTHOUSE AT THE 22nd SDR” read on………….

A reasonably good rally this year but a bit chilly at times! Atmosphere was quiet but seemed to pick up over the weekend maybe that was the alcohol.
The numbers from south seemed well down with only 60 bikes on the boat up.  I know the canned beer at the rally put some off – more later.
1. had to be those crazy Irish again who bring a well required uplift to the proceedings – but please don’t attack me again guys or I will squeeze harder next time! Great bunch of guys and a bloody good laugh.
2. The boot party and Bayview being slightly ill over afore mentioned Irish!
3. The Lighthouse drinking machine on what the badge was based on.
4. Bands were a bit better than last year

1. THE BEER – enough rallyists have complained about so why not do something for next year. We dont want to pay all that money for the rally ticket to then have to go over to the shop and buy drinkable local beer or whatever. If the local brewery is willing to come down and set up a bar why not take advantage? Come on committee it’s up to you.
2.  Get Hom Bru back for one night as a lot of us do like the folky stuff.
3. Getting my digital camera smashed during said set to with Irish – good point is that I now have a much better one courtesy of the insurance (thanks Guys)
4. Stupid ignorant Rugby players on way back on ferry.

I have only limited photo’s but hopefully they will give you a feel for what it was like this year. Some may be a bit fuzzy as I had to take them off the video.

Results of the Boot Party on Heinrich (or Heinrik)???

Cyn trying to make some sort of thing and Christina wondering what is wrong with the cigarette

Davy O’Bayview Johnson in usual form on friday night

Jock Welch being silly with some sort of electrical appliance!

Karen Irvine and Roger “the Crow”
I think she was saying how much she liked men with beards!

Didn’t want to show all the face as the legs and Fair Isle breeks say it all.

Boot Party and 2 irish getting a shower consisting of:
beer, beetroot, creamed rice, cockles, sweetcorn and no doubt some other things – Nice one Bayview!

John F in mid flight!

The “Lighthouse”
Teams of 3, linked arms, tubes of beer fed from upper reservoir in mouths. Light in top hence lighthouse. Motorised seating platform that speeds up. Purpose of game? Who can stay on longest and finish beer. EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING