20th SIMMER DIM RALLY – 2002

Well, after two years respite from the previous rally off we went again to Vidlin Sur LaMer on the sunny Costa Shetland.  Weather was on the whole good and some folk even got a tan!!

Highlights: the weather, seeing old friends, the beer was better and the hall was a lot nicer.
Lowlights: The bands (in my opinion) were not all that great – one on thursday and one on friday were okay – saturdays were too bloody loud.  Disco – too much garage etc – remember a lot of us are getting older.

It would be great to get back to the earlier Dim’s with Rock, Salt & nails type music – a mixture of bands – not all heavy rock type stuff! Bring back Hom Bru and eightsome reels in the hall!

Good rally on the whole and well organised. Roll on 21……………

      This years badge and for the 20th year participants (all 7 of us) 

The Photo’s!

Charlie Cobb enjoying the trip over!!

Gus Having a thoughtful moment

Bonzo having a pissed moment!!

Bonzo having a carry out!

Roger (The Crow) Head , Dick’s brother, from Norway

Otto, Aidan, John F, Kevin & Phil The spill

Crazy Irishmen!!!

Even crazier irishmen!

About 3am friday morning

The Simmer Dim Unofficial rowing team at Burra regatta – note the Cox was encouraging the team with a tin of beer!

Kyle Marshall – Youngest Simmer Dimmest  or is it Dimmer (9 months)

That’s it folks – If anyone has any good ones of the silly games please send and I will put on the site.